Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is based on digital development and adopting the so-called Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) to build a new industrial model. This is achieved through the gradual automation and digitisation of production processes by implementing innovative technologies, such as additive manufacturing, collaborative robotics, production planning tools, artificial vision, process simulation...

industria 40

This new revolution promises to heighten the flexibility of manufacturing processes, combine two seemingly contradictory concepts -mass customisation-, improve the quality of production systems and increase productivity. For all these reasons, Industry 4.0 is an excellent opportunity to reindustrialise Europe and reverse the trend of recent years that has seen the unstoppable decline of industry and of the number of related jobs.

Industry is the driving force behind the European economy and, therefore, developing Industry 4.0 will have a significant impact. According to the European Commission, Industry 4.0 can improve annual efficiency by 6 to 8%.

PRODINTEC offers its knowledge, experience and means to companies that want to integrate Industry 4.0 into their production processes.