Automation and robotics

In the field of automation, and in collaboration with the PRODINTEC product design and engineering, and advanced manufacturing departments, we can provide the following services:

  • Development of complete machines to manufacture new products, performance of quality tests, and provision of new automated services (service robots).
  • Integration of new electric and electronic elements into the production lines for continuous monitoring and control improvement of production processes.
  • Development of inspection and prevention systems such as leak detection, machine wear and tear, energy consumption, etc., to reduce production failures and downtimes.

    Thanks to these developments, our customers will optimise their manufacturing costs, improve the quality of their products and obtain greater robustness in their production processes.

automatizacion y robotica

By using components, developed at PRODINTEC or commercial ones, and programming in different environments, we can implement improvement actions such as:

  • Sensor integration to control and monitor existing machines and processes.
  • Design, simulation and implementation of control systems on PLC or PC.
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic or electric system integration to automate movements.
  • Development of user interfaces for data control and analysis.
  • Integration, simulation and programming of industrial robots.
  • Integration of safety elements into machines.