RIM (Reaction Injection Molding)

RIM technology makes it possible to manufacture plastic parts through the low-pressure and high-speed injection of polyurethane resins in a mould.

The equipment that PRODINTEC uses can manufacture large parts (up to 3 metres long), quickly and economically (without the need to invest in expensive steel moulds) and at an affordable cost for low volume production (short or medium production runs).


RIM technology offers excellent surface reproducibility. In addition, the parts manufactured using this technology present excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties, making them suitable for post-processing, such as machining, introduction of inserts, painting or texturising.

It is a type of technology that is deeply rooted in the automotive industry, but is also on the rise in other sectors, such as the fields of medicine-aesthetics or consumer goods, where the constant development of products, fierce competition and rapid obsolescence requires smaller production runs, making this technology, which is extremely profitable for short runs, particularly suitable.