Electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is the branch of technology that studies the capacity of any device to work correctly in its environment without causing disturbances in other devices or being affected by the emissions of such devices.

As of 1st January 1996, EMC regulations are of mandatory compliance to obtain the EC mark for all electrical or electronic products, essential for their commercialization in the European Union.

equipo ensayos descargas electrostáticas 16000 V CEMLAB

PRODINTEC provides the following services in the field of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrical safety (ES):

  • Advice on the regulations in force regarding EMC, SE and the EC mark.
  • Advice regarding the electrical and electronic product design phase, aimed at ultimate compliance with the regulations.
  • Execution of trials to pre-certify equipment with a view to their later EC marking in the laboratory that we share with the University of Oviedo, located at the Campus of Viesques.
  • Detection of possible deficiencies in equipment and search for solutions to correct them on site, speeding up the repetition of tests until the requirements have been reached.