Alliances & Collaborations

PRODINTEC has established significant agreements or collaborations with the following firms or bodies:

AddimatAdditive & 3D Manufacturing Technologies Association of Spain

Alianza de FundacionesAlliance of Foundations for the Development of the Territories

APDAssociation for the Advancement of Leadership

FADEAsturian Federation of Businessmen

 ASINCARAsturian Meat Industry Research Association

Club Asturiano de CalidadAsturian Quality Club

Red Asturiana de Empresas de Base Tecnolgica        Asturian Technology-Based Companies Network

IBSALBiomedical Research Institute of Salamanca

CEEIBusiness Innovation Centre Asturias

EFFRAEuropean Factories of the Future Research Association

logoNANOfutures     European Technology Integrating and Innovation Platform on Nanotechnology

MINAMEuropean Technology Platform for Micro- and Nano-Manufacturing

AM Platform     European Technology Sub-platform in Additive Manufacturing

MANUFUTURE EUEuropean Technology Platform in Advanced Manufacturing

FEMETALFederation of Metal and Related Product Companies in the Principality of Asturias

COTECFoundation for Innovation

 FUNDACION METAL   Foundation for Training, Qualification and Employment in the Metal Sector

logo i40    Industry 4.0 Asturias


aenorSpanish Association for Standardisation and Certification

m2fSpanish Automotive Technology Platform

FENINSpanish Federation of Sanitary Technological Companies

itemasSpanish Innovation Platform on Medical and Health Technologies

 ManuKET        Spanish Technology Platform for Advanced Manufacturing

PTEC          Spanish Technological Platform of Construction

 solar concentraSpanish Technology Platform on Concentrating Solar Power

Logo Universidad de Oviedo horizontal University of Oviedo

OVTT Virtual Observatory for Technology Transfer