At PRODINTEC, we are specialists in two complementary microtechnologies: micromachining and microinjection.

Just like machining, the process of micromachining involves applying cutting and shear stresses by means of a milling tool acting on the raw material to obtain the end piece. The difference is that this technology works with accuracies in the micron range.

As the tools used are relatively small (they may be as small as 30 μm in diameter), it is necessary to increase the revolutions per minute in order to obtain high material removal rates (while not excessively extending the required machining time). The equipment we possess at PRODINTEC can reach up to 160,000 rpm.

This technology makes it possible to obtain surface finishes close to a polished finish and very complex geometries with manufacturing tolerances of ± 2 μm. We work with all kinds of materials such as HRC 65 hardness steel, stainless steel, ceramics ("green", pre-sintered and sintered), glass, plastics, wood, resins, copper, graphite, etc.

                             equipo micromecanizado          MICROM

Microinjection technology, on the other hand, allows the injection of high precision microparts in thermoplastics, metals and ceramic materials using micromoulds. These are obtained by combining the available technologies at PRODINTEC, such as additive manufacturing and micromachining, thus allowing us to manufacture high performance moulds, minimizing the time and cost of each injected piece while improving its quality.

The moulded parts can have a maximum volume of 1.1 cm3 and contain geometries in the micron range. These technologies have applications in a wide variety of fields: biomedicine, watchmaking, automotive, electronics, telecommunications, optics, consumer goods, electromechanical systems, etc.

                             equipo microinyeccion 3          MICROI3