R&D Policy

The purpose of PRODINTEC is to boost the competitiveness of industrial firms by applying technological advances both to products and their manufacturing processes.

PRODINTEC has implanted a management system in compliance with standards UNE 166002 and ISO 9001 (in its latest version) in order to ensure that the projects and services that it develops respond to its corporate purpose, to the indications of the Board of Trustees, and to its clients' demands, as well as to the pertinent legal and regulatory requirements.

The fundamental principles of our R&D policy emanate from the statutes of PRODINTEC and are based on the following guidelines:

  • Efficiency in the management and development of projects and services.
  • The commitment, motivation and capacity of its staff.
  • The fulfilment of the established goals for each project or service as well as those related to the management system.
  • To achieve the satisfaction of our clients by improving their competitiveness.
  • Equipping our facilities with cutting-edge technologies.

In this way, PRODINTEC seeks continuous improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of its management system as well as of all other interested parties.