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NANO2ALL 3rd newsletter

Dear colleagues,

It is our pleasure to announce that the third newsletter of NANO2ALL project is already available in this link.

In this newsletter, you can know more about the citizen dialogues that took place during the last months in France, Israel, Italy, Poland, Spain and Sweden and the input gathered from citizens about their values, desires, and concerns regarding nanotechnology.

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AMEF2017-Additive Manufacturing European Forum-Registration open

October 17th, Brussels

PRODINTEC, as a coordinator of Am-Motion porject, invite you to join us at the 2017 edition of "AMEF-Additive Manufacturing European Forum“ that will be held at the Covent Garden Building in Brussels on 17th October. Please find draft agenda below.

The AM European Forum 2017 was born from the strategic H2020 Coordinated Support Action: “AM-Motion: “A strategic approach to increasing Europe’s value proposition for Additive Manufacturing technologies and capabilities” and counts with the endorsement of the AM Platform.

The event will bring together policy makers, industry leaders, small to medium-sized enterprises, as well as universities, research and technology centres and other key stakeholders. The debate on the economic, social and technical challenges urging to be solved can accelerate the AM market uptake in the digitalisation era.

Attendance is limited to 100 people. If you wish to participate, please send the following data to: 
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Exploring Additive Manufacturing impact in Defence capabilities

  • Date of the Event: 12 September 2017 08:30 AM
  • Registration Starts: 17 May 2017
  • Registration Ends: 05 September 2017
On behalf of the European Defence Agency (EDA), in the framework of the project “Additive manufacturing feasibility study and technology demonstration”, has the pleasure of inviting you to the EDA Exhibition “Exploring Additive Manufacturing impact in Defence capabilities”. The event will be held in Gijón (ES) on 12 September 2017.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies have been identified as one of the key enabling technologies to improve European industrial competitiveness given its ability of rapid, delocalised and flexible manufacturing. They are considered to empower the transition from mass production to mass customization in several leading sectors, including, among others, automotive, medical, aeronautics, energy and consumer goods. The defence sector, however, is not exploiting yet the full potential offered by AM technologies.

The aim of this exhibition is to raise awareness among the defence community and, specifically, to high level military staff, on the capabilities that additive manufacturing technologies can bring to the defence sector and its potential for different applications. Examples on how the technology could change the way operations, logistic support or maintenance are performed, will be explained and showcased. Moreover, attendees will have access to an exhibition during the event, where EDA AM facility to be deployed in the EAATTC (European Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Course), equipment, prototypes and real parts produced by additive manufacturing will be shown. Finally, the conclusions of this EDA project, including the equipment used and typical objects and materials produced during the deployment of the AM facility will be presented, allowing participants to discuss about possible follow on activities.


We look forward to your valuable attendance at the event. AM invitation here.

If interested please,  fill in the registration form at event web (at the bottom of the page)