AM-motion project launches the “AM-motion APP” for Android devices

This educational APP has been developed within the framework of Work Package 6 “Dissemination and networking” and more specifically on Task 6.3 “Educational APP development” within AM motion project.

Its purpose is to allow players to overview Additive Manufacturing concepts relative to the different types of technologies and machines, the main advantages and drawbacks compared with other manufacturing techniques, etc. The design of the parts according to AM requirements, the manufacturing process, how parts grow in height (layers), post-processing and main applications over different sectors are also covered. 

Once the APP has been installed on an Android mobile device, users require a login via a Google Account. The quiz is based on a set of questions around AM with three different levels of expertise: Starter, Intermediate and Advanced. After the questionnaire, users are ranked according to the number of correct answers.


Get it on Google Play