Development of a leak detection system based on ultrasound for Flórez Cosmen and Geslimes

The project was aimed to the development of a leak detection system in above ground and underground fuel tanks based on acoustic measurement for the companies Flórez Cosmen and Geslimes, certified according to standard UNE-53968 and capable of detecting leaks with a flow rate of just 100 ml/h.

The companies Flórez Cosmen and Geslimes wanted to have their in-house developed leak detection system, in order to expand their range of services and provide the service of certification of airtightness of product-containing tanks, which previously had to be outsourced.
Both the software and hardware equipment were designed, using commercial ATEX components as well as circuits and software developed in-house by PRODINTEC. The system passed the type approval tests for product-containing tanks, being only the fifth system in Spain to receive certification to carry out tests of this kind.