IDINETThe project management methodology developed in-house by PRODINTEC enables the execution, monitoring and control of R&D&I projects with a guarantee of success, while at the same time allowing the user to know the value obtained through these projects.

Based on this methodology and in conjunction with Futuver Consulting, we have developed IDINET®, an intuitive software tool to manage not only projects, but all the organization’s activities and projects. The system enables us to plan the team's tasks, manage expenses and income, centralise documents, generate reports based on the information saved, manage contacts…

Simple use, fast implementation and high availability of centralised information from any spot by means of an agile and safe web environment have resulted in the presentation by Microsoft of IDINET® as one of the most innovative tools in the market. At the same time, AENOR has certified IDINET® as an R&D&I management system in organisations.